Heroes of Chronar


Heroes of Chronar offers many game modes. These modes are adapted to the different skills of the players and change depending on the player's life cycle.

Campaign Mode

In the campaign mode, a player has to go through 96 stages. Each stage can be completed on one of 4 difficulty levels. The further in the game, the more powerful set of Heroes is needed. Gameplay of 3 turns of attack per player, high value of the speed of the heroes — all makes the game a real challenge.

Guild Boss Mode

Boss Raid is a fight with a powerful opponent that can only be defeated by an entire guild. To play it you must join the Players Guild. Choose the most powerful team of heroes and defeat the barefoot with the rest of your Guild.

PvP Arena

This is a game mode in which we face other players. We put up our defenders team and we fight. There can be only one winner!

Guild Wars

This is one of the most advanced game modes. It is run by a whole guild of players. You prepare to defend your territory, you attack the enemy territory. Only team play gives you a chance to win. You can also use traps.


If you are looking for artifacts, you've come to the right place. Rifts is a place where, by fighting powerful opponents, you have a great chance of winning really powerful artifacts. You can get some really unique NFT artifacts here.