Heroes of Chronar

Guild Wars and Arena battles

The winner takes it all!
These are two of the most exciting and advanced game modes. They are run by other players and even entire guilds of other players. Defend your territories, attack the vast territories of your enemies, show off your skills, and find loyal comrades! Arena battles are serial battles between players. Both parties establish their defense teams and rise to the top of the rankings according to their battle results, for which a weekly reward awaits. Guild Wars take place at a specific time during the week when two guilds fight each other in PvP mode. Each guild places its defensive teams and mischievous traps on the battlefield. The attacking guild must defeat at least 80% of the defending guild’s teams to capture the Treasury.
Players are rewarded with in-game items after each war based on their rank. Guild warfare is the attack of predetermined defensive units represented by hostile guild members and the capture of tactical points on the battlefield. These tactical points are captured in real-time, which means that if your guild manages to take control of a hostile tactical point, the guild you’re fighting against will see it happen. Your opponents will be able to immediately react and approach with a counter-strategy. The Guild Wars feature is designed to reward players who invent new strategies and outsmart their opponents. Be aware – only undefeatable team spirit, focus, and cohesion will give you a chance to win! Apart from that, these game modes are directly engaged with the functioning of the CHRO currency within the game.
As a CHRO token holder, all players are automatically entitled to receive passive income from participants in these two game modes. The more people play, the more you win!
How does it work?
It’s simple: In order to take part in any of the battles, players wager a certain amount of $HOC currency. The winner of the battle receives 95% of the winning pool, while the remaining 5% is distributed as a rake to CHRO holders. This is because CHRO, a governance currency, is a token that entitles its holders to participate in rake collection in the Arena and Guild Wars game modes.