Heroes of Chronar


These comprise only a small portion of the 350 characters currently available in Heroes of Chronar. Gotta catch 'em all!
Heroes of Chronar is all about the Heroes, of course!
The game has dozens of unique NFT characters, including 53 Legendary Heroes and 32 basic characters, in a huge variety of color options with different sets of skills as well. Moreover, players can build over 100 non-NFT characters from scratch and upgrade them to NFT status, which they can then put up for sale on the marketplace.
You can do all of that with the help of $HOC tokens.
Check out some gorgeous previews of other Heroes on our website!
In a nutshell it looks like this. When you buy a basic NFT hero it has some baseline stats. For example:
But all the magic happens later – and it is in your hands! You can power up and level your character with Artifacts and equipment that can be bought or won in battles against enemies! The more items you add to your character's inventory, the more unique your character will be, and the higher its value on the market.
You are not limited to Artifacts and equipment that are limited in use. You can also apply various items for training and customization, such as Dusts, Tomes, or XP Dummies – all of which will increase the level of your Hero and its value.
And, of course, you can play your developed character or trade it on the NFT Marketplace – it's yours, after all. Do whatever you want!


In total, there are more than 350 various Heroes in Heroes of Chronar, with over 100 of them being unique NFT characters.

Level and Ascending

Each Hero can gain experience. There are several ways to get it: by fighting, staying in Training, absorbing other Heroes or XP Dummies.
When a hero reaches a maximum level for their rank, they can be ascended to a higher grade.

Roles and Classes

Each Hero belongs to one of the following roles and classes:
The ATTACKER is an offensive role. They deal the most damage of all Heroes but have the lowest number of Health Points. They are divided into four classes:
Mage – Specializes in causing great damage to one or all opponents. Restores Mana quickly, allowing them to use Special Abilities frequently.
Assassin - Characterized by high damage, high Speed, and a small number of Health Points. These are the ideal Heroes for taking out single targets.
Warrior - Deals a lot of damage and can stay alive longer than other Attackers. This is a class that can stun and weaken the enemy.
Ranger - Like Assassins, they do not have a lot of Health Points. Their great advantage is their high Speed combined with fast Mana Gain.
The SPECIALIST is a supporting role. They can heal and support allies, but their damage is the weakest of all Heroes. They are divided into three classes:
Healer - Their duty is to keep the rest of the team alive. This class regenerates its Mana quickly and can take a lot of damage.
Support - They help the team by assigning positive or removing negative status effects. They are faster but less durable than Healers.
Warlock - Specializes in harassing opponents. These Heroes can inflict many negative status effects, strip the enemy team of positive status effects, or apply crowd control effects. They are characterized by high Speed and fast Mana Gain.
The TANK is a defensive role. They can take the most damage and protect their allies. Tank damage is higher than Specialists but lower than Attackers. They are divided into three classes:
Guardian - Their role is to take damage. They have very high Health Points and Defense but are quite slow.
Bruiser - This class can withstand and deal a lot of damage. Their low Speed is compensated by high Attack and Health Points.
Defender - They are lighter-armored Heroes with very high Speed and Mana Gain. Their role is to cause as many positive or negative status effects as possible.


  • Health Points (HP) - This stat determines how much damage a Hero can take before dying. The damage of some Abilities may scale according to the maximum or current HP of the attacked or attacking Hero.
  • Attack (ATK) - The amount of damage dealt by connecting Gemstones depends on the Attack value, as well as the damage of most of the Hero's Special Abilities.
  • Defense (DEF) - Defense defines how much damage is reduced before it is dealt to a Hero. Damage dealt by some Abilities may scale with Defense.
  • Speed (SPD) - Speed​​ decides which Hero will act first in battle. The difference in Speed between Heroes affects the frequency of their turns during battle. The faster the Hero, the more turns, compared to the other, slower Heroes.
  • Resistance (RES) - This stat determines the chance of avoiding a negative status effect after subtracting an opponent's Accuracy. The Resistance value must not fall below 15% (RES - ACC = % chance of applying a negative status effect).
  • Accuracy (ACC) - Subtracting Accuracy from the opponent's Resistance determines the chance of applying a negative status effect (RES - ACC = % chance of applying a negative status effect).
  • Critical Chance (CRIT RATE) - Determines the probability of landing a critical hit in battle (maximum is 100%).
  • Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) - This stat determines how much additional damage will be inflicted on a critical hit.
  • Mana Gain (MANA GAIN) - This stat determines the amount of Mana generated by each matched Gemstone. A Hero needs 100 Mana to use their Special Ability. Additionally, Heroes gain Mana during allies’ turns when Gemstones of their color are being matched. The amount of Mana that they gain during allies’ turns is dependent on the number of Heroes of a given color on your team. For example, the more blue Heroes you have, the less Mana you will get for all your blue Heroes when an ally matches blue Gemstones. The value of Mana gained by Heroes during an ally’s turn: 50% Mana Gain if there are two Heroes of a given color. 44% Mana Gain if there are three Heroes of a given color. 38% Mana Gain if there are four Heroes of a given color. 32% Mana Gain if there are five Heroes of a given color.
Major stats (such as HP, DEF, ATK) will increase both by leveling up and equipping Artifacts. Other stats will increase only through Artifacts.


Every Hero in Heroes of Chronar has a Special Ability. They can use it whenever their Mana bar reaches 100%. Mana is obtained by matching Gems of the color of the corresponding Hero (the amount is determined by the Mana Gain parameter).
The effect of using the Ability may be:
  • dealing damage,
  • recovering Health Points,
  • restoring Mana,
  • reviving a Hero,
  • granting a positive or negative status effect,
  • removing a positive or negative status effect.
Some Abilities combine several of these features. You can find information about any Hero's Special Ability in their preview.