Heroes of Chronar


The environment and economics of Heroes of Chronar depends on numerous aspects. One of the most important are the resources and the way players utilise them. Here's a quick overview of most of them.
- Energy is a resource that is necessary for fighting in campaigns. Every 4 minutes you are granted 1 energy point automatically. However you can also buy some extra energy in the Shop - 120
for 60
. You will raise your maximum energy cap together with your account level.
- Gold is the most common currency in the game. You'll earn it for taking part in fights, selling your equipment, exploring the map and completing missions. You will need gold to buy items on the market, upgrade your Artifacts, modify your equipment and raise Heroes level.
- Crystals are a very valuable currency, which you can obtain additional
with. You will also need it to unlock additional spaces in the market and Training Grounds. The easiest way to get
is by completing missions. You can also collect it exploring the map and with the help of raising your account level.
- Titan Key is a resource necessary to enter battles with Raid Bosses. Two keys will be refilled to your account each day, with one extra being granted to you for completing daily missions. Note that key refills only work if you have 1 or 0 keys.
- After each Raid Boss fight your Heroes will obviously lose their stamina and you will not be able to use them again for some time. Stamina does automatically regenerate on the next day, but you can restore it instantly with the help of some Apples.
- Participating in Guild Battles you will obtain Guild Coins. This currency can be spent in Guild Market to buy Scrolls, Artifacts, Potions and much much more.