Heroes of Chronar


The diversity of in-game NFTs in Heroes of Chronar is not limited by Artifacts and Heroes alone. Among other valuable NFT items that you can collect, trade, and have fun with are:
  • Avatars
In Heroes of Chronar, each player will have their own exclusive avatar. Think of it as an art object that you can buy or win as an award from one of the numerous battles. Heroes of Chronar is a world full of diversity and hundreds of unique characters with their own special characteristics and abilities. All of them will be available for purchase and trading on the exchange. You will surely find something just for you!
  • Skins
You can have them represent you and your game philosophy by choosing one of the many fun and unique character skins in Heroes of Chronar. Skins are sets of unique looks and features that can modify a Hero's appearance and catch the eyes of other players from afar! Choose the one that suits you best and trade it as an NFT whenever you feel like it's time for a change.
  • Totems
Each Heroes of Chronar guild has its own symbol that reflects its spiritual and tribal characteristics. People say that the moment you feel an inner connection with your Totem, no battle will be lost for you from then on. This is a rare and valuable type of NFT suitable for connoisseurs of collecting. What's your Totem?