Heroes of Chronar


Q3 2022

  • Website HeroesOfChronar.io launch
  • Tokenomics Design
  • Game economics design
  • Opening Discord/Medium/Telegram/Twitter channels

Q4 2022

  • The selection of the technological stack (ImmutableX, Venly)
  • The selection of key partners
  • Engage the Play-to-Earn community and strategic partners

Q1 2023

  • $HOC Smart contract development
  • Gemstone to Heroes conversion

Q2 2023 - TGE + closed alpha

  • TGE
  • NFT Heroes & Artifacts smart contracts development
  • Closed alpha (for developer, investors, selected KOL)
  • Application development
  • Campaign game mode (PvE)
  • Rewards for Stars (performance awards)
  • NFT Heroes development & balancing - meta game
  • Heroes levels
  • Heroes ascension
  • Heroes skills
  • Artifacts (Equipment)
  • Awaking functionality
  • Heroes summoning functionality (gacha mechanic)
  • Heroes Lexicon (glossary of opponents)
  • Tutorial ( introduction to the game mechanics for new player)
  • Calendar (rewards every day after joining the game)

Q3 2023 beginning - open alpha

  • $HOC token fully integrated with the game
  • NFT marketplace
  • Final economy balancing
  • Rifts game mode - $HOC as reward for the best players
  • Core CRM functionalities (customer relationship management) - ability to communicate with players through application
  • Library functionality (“How to play” for new players)

Q3 2023 end - beta

  • Player Guilds functionality
  • Basic functionality - creating and joining guilds, check-in - where players are encouraged to appear in the guild.
  • Raid Boss game mode - super bosses to be defeated by the whole guild together
  • In Game Events + CRM - Complex tasks involving players crosswise through the entire application, created for a whole month and requiring a high level of commitment. Significant prizes to be won, including $HOC
  • Akua token functionality

Q4 2023 - final

  • Path of Destiny - engagement functionality that guide the player through the game
  • Quests system - daily engagement tasks
  • Guild Wars game mode - battles between guilds (Chronar token functionality)
  • Arena game mode - battles between players (Chronar token functionality)
  • Players hosted tournaments and land buy-back system (Terminum token functionality)
  • Mac/Windows version (M1/Windows 11)