Heroes of Chronar

How to earn by playing?

Heroes of Chronar offers its players several ways to earn. It's very flexible and each will find their own.
There is one native token:
  • $HOC - (ERC20)
And several NFT currencies circulating in the game that take part in its economy and trading as well as gameplay operations:
  • Chronar
  • Terminum
  • Akua

What is $HOC?

All players can purchase $HOC at DEX/CEX. Also $HOC can be harvested by playing in the following game segments:
  • in Rifts - one of the more advanced parts of the game
  • in Leaderboards - winners of selected rankings receive awards in $HOC
  • in Special Events - some of the organized Events reward the player in $HOC

How to use $HOC?

$HOC is the primary currency of the game that gives players a ton of possibilities. With it you can:
  • develop your heroes
  • pay entry fees for taking part in Arena fights
  • pay entry fees in Guild Wars fights
$HOC is a currency that is convertible to other cryptocurrencies. The total $HOC pool is 100,000,000 units. The currency is released in parts according to the schedule provided in Tokenomics.

What is Chronar?

Chronar is the token that allows you to rule the game! Its owners have the right to vote on the amount of the entry fee and determine the proportions in which prizes are distributed in both Arena and Guild wars game modes to the winners.
The token pool is 100,000 units for players with an additional emission of 30,000 units after one year for the company.
More information on other NFT currencies and their purposes you will find in NFT assets. Be our guest!