Heroes of Chronar

In-game economy

The HoCh economy is mainly based on NFT tokens and $HOC, the main currency of the game.
Players can purchase NFTs from two sources:
  • the official HoCh market
  • an open market, e.g. OpenSea
Among NFTs that you can aquire are Akua, Terminum and Chronar.
The $HOC token acts as the circulatory currency in the game and is operated in the majority of transactions and purchases. It allows you to pay entry fees in battles, buy items, develop your characters and so much more. To see the whole circulation of $HOC be our guest at $HOC balancing sheet
The main objective of the AKUA token is to guarantee a constant increase in new players, while the free-to-play possibilities in the game economy provide monetization resources for non-solvent players in the form of liaisons with players who want to pay for the game. The AKUA token becomes the backbone of viral and influencer marketing.
Players can also develop free characters acquired while playing the game to later transform them into NFTs. Once a character is designed, the player can create and put it up for sale as an NFT on the marketplace.