Heroes of Chronar

NFT Chronar - Arena Token

Become a co-manager of the game economy!

Chronar Token

It is a non-regulated NFT token that allows you to contribute to the game development and its economy.
Chronar owners jointly decide on the amount of the entry fee into Arena/Guild Wars and the reward distribution profile. Having some Chronar in your wallet you can set the entry fee and tax through special voting mechanics available on our website. The profit is later distributed among Chronar token holders.
The Chronar token is also used to unlock premium features in the game.


The token pool is 100,000 units for players. Chronar allows players to:
  • To set entry fees to the game
  • Set rewards values
  • Participate in the distribution of prizes

Token Parameters

Token Name
Token Ticker
To be filled on deploy
Token Standard
Contract address
To be filled on deploy
Circulation Supply on TGE
Total supply
100,000 to players, 30,000 to company 12 months after TGE

Token Distribution

The token will be distributed in batches. The price of the token in each subsequent round is higher.
Correlation with $HOC
Chronar is granted as reward to players staking their $HOC. Depending on the chosen period of retention, the player receives a Chronar token of one out of three classes: silver, gold or platinum.