Heroes of Chronar

NFT Akua

Heroes of Chronar is a new game in many ways. Along with a host of new characters and mechanics, we're introducing a brand new feature to NFT Gaming.
Akua is a new type of NFT economy, that allows rewarding players and investors for marketing activities in the game. Any player joining the game on a referral is represented by an AKUA Token.
Akua Token contains information about the player and his actions in the game.
How can you earn money with AKUA?
  • If a player spends real currencies (such as USDC) buying NFT Heroes or NFT Artifacts, 25% of the money spent is paid to the AKUA owner.
  • When a player receives rewards in $HOC currency (from Rifts, Leaderboards, Special Events, etc.), an additional 10% of the value of the reward is paid to the AKUA owner.
  • When players use $HOC to develop Heroes or Artifacts, a 5% rake is paid to the AKUA token owner.
To become an AKUA owner, you need to invite a new player to the game using a Promo Code or an affiliated Download Link. AKUA tokens transfer the rights to benefit from the player.
AKUA tokens can be traded on the AKUA Marketplace. NFT Terminum