Heroes of Chronar

NFT Terminum

Become the lord of the lands!
One of many ways to enjoy the gameplay in Heroes of Chronar is to take part in minigames – the Rifts – designed for the most advanced players, in which you have to fight bosses or other powerful opponents. And now you are able to create those on your own!
Terminum is the token that will make that happen! It allows you to organize individual battles for players, recruit opponents, fund prizes, and collect entry fees. It is up to you to promote your event in the community – you become the owner of a part of the gaming economy in the form of land ownership.
How does it work?
Possessing a Terminum token, select an available Hex on the map where you want to arrange the battle. You will need to build a tent, a castle, or something similar for other players to use as a battle arena. Buy rewards, hire a boss, set the $HOC entry fee for other players, and you're all set! Terminum does not give you indefinite ownership of a field on the Hex map. However, it allows you to arrange your battles on a given Hex for a few days.
After your competition ends, your token will remain inactive for a time (a cooldown period), and someone else will be able to use the map. Why do we lease Hexes instead of selling them? The reason is quite simple – this way, we provide Hex turnover and diversity. Thus, you will never get bored, and there will always be some new and exciting spots on the map! Terminum tokens can be merged – if you have several of them and manage to place them on neighboring spaces, you can build a larger and more magnificent castle, hire a mightier beast, and set a much higher entry fee for the battle!
Terminum will be available for players to purchase across 5 bidding cycles:
  • the first 100 Hexes will become available when the game launches,
  • more will arrive when the number of players exceeds 50,000,
  • the last 100 will arrive when the number of players exceeds 100,000. Terminum tokens will be auctioned off, while the price of each subsequent Hex will be increased by 10% of the difference between the original value and the 3rd highest bidder’s value.
Details of the distribution of Terminum will be determined later on.