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$HOC - HoCh Native Token

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Heroes of Chronar Token ($HOC)


$HOC is the native ERC20 token of Heroes of Chronar world with a limited mintage of 100,000,000 units. $HOC is a currency primarily used to develop heroes and artifacts, participate in fights at the Arena and Guild wars.
Purpose of $HOC
  • To influence decisions that determine the direction of product development and new game modes in the future
  • To manage the marketing budget and supply of $HOC tokens
  • To implement sponsorship or grant recipients
We consider adding other categories through the respective of decentralized governance processes. To submit any ideas for voting, players will have to hold a certain amount of $HOC tokens, which will be determined later.

Token Release Date

Heros of Chronar ($HOC) will be distributed in batches before the game launches.
$HOC is available for trading at DEX/CEX and in-game!
How can $HOC be earned?
  • Take part in Special Events Earn from Mines and Leaderboards
  • Collect from Rifts Win in Guild Wars, Arena battles, and Terminum Rifts
  • Invite new players and collect $HOC from AKUA players

How does $HOC help to keep the economy sustainable?

One of the key objectives in developing Heroes of Chronar is creating a balanced $HOC Token economy. As part of that we want to prevent both rapid inflation and deflation of the $HOC token.
We assume that the price of $HOC token will grow as the project develops and we want this growth to be the result of organic economic balance, not speculation on DEX/CEX.
When designing the game economy, we introduced a special Akua token, holders of which will receive 25% of the income from fees generated by affiliated players. This Akua token creates a full-on economical environment for influencers and crypto guilds. By inviting new players to the game, even from the F2P segment, Akua owners receive regular income from the players who join the game.
The RPG genre is characterized by a very long monetization time, sometimes exceeding 24 months. Creating an economy for influencers and players that encourages them to invite more players is therefore the basis for long-term stable income of a product.
Staking and rewards
Typically, when considering investing in cryptocurrencies, one either thinks about mining crypto or buying it directly from a crypto exchange. But crypto staking is another viable alternative for the crypto-curious players to get $HOC into your crypto wallets.
While staking may be a relatively new addition to the lexicon, it is important for those interested in crypto investing to understand what it is, how it works, and this option in Heroes of Chronar is the best way to do so!
Our $HOC is stake-able. Depending on the chone retention period, HoCh players receive a bonus of a different scale — the longer the retention the greater the reward.
The reward comes from the rake collected in the game in the Arena and Guild Wars. The player who holds their $HOC on retention receives Chronar of one out of three classes in exchange for that. These categories include silver, gold or platinum.
Chronar owners in their turn jointly decide on the amount of the entry fee into Arena/Guild Wars and the reward distribution profile. The Chronar token is also used to unlock premium features in the game.

Token Parameters

Token Name
Token Ticker
To be filled on deploy
Token Standard
Contract address
To be filled on deploy
Circulation Supply on TGE
40 000 000
Total supply
100 000 000

Token Distribution

Rewards and community**
Company Reserved Pool****
Liquidity CEX
Pre-seed round
Seed round
Private round
Public (Launchpads)
Strategic partners and KOL
TGE Listing
Two words to clarify:
*Team — this budget is allocated for the team responsible for developing the game and making things work.
**Rewards — most of rewards budget currently comes from taxing $HOC transactions, however this is a reserved pool for new game mechanics that we plan to introduce in the future.
***Marketing — this is a budget that will be allocated to attract new players to the game through AU activities and influencer marketing.
****Company reserved pool — this segment covers the costs of maintaining the product. It will be necessary to maintain the game servers and guarantee software support for years to come.