Heroes of Chronar

About Gemstone Legends

Gemstone Legends is an open-world RPG with puzzle elements set in a fantasy world based on collecting, training, and upgrading Heroes. Endless Hex maps, numerous Heroes with unique skills, an autoplay mode, PvP battles… What else? Oh, right! Dragons that can instantly suffocate your enemies with their fiery breath. How about that?
The main features of Gemstone Legends are, of course, its hand-drawn characters, an expansive world, and match-3 combat mechanics that enhance the experience in the eyes and hands of the player. This is a full-fledged RPG in a portable format.
The game is developed by the magical hands of our small but proud development team. In our studio, we pay special attention to data analysis and user feedback, which is the main guide for future development and growth. Our main source of inspiration lies in the soul of each team member – in our common roots and Slavic culture, which we carefully preserve in every detail of the game. That is why the company’s name is a tribute to a powerful Slavic god who guides us along the way – Strzybog, the god of prosperity and wealth.
But fewer words, more action! Tap the link below and try the game yourself:
Gemstone Legends has been well-received by the YouTube mobile gaming community. Check out a couple of videos from our ambassador-influencers that might give you a hint or two on how to ace the game!