Heroes of Chronar

About Heroes of Chronar Universe (HoCh)

Perfectly balanced economy in a fantasy world


Heroes of Chronar is a blockchain game – one of many, but one-of-a-kind. It's not a prototype or something that will one day be a game. It already exists – just a tap away. The roots of Heroes of Chronar grow from the soil of a well-known mobile game, Gemstone Legends, developed by the Stribog Games studio in Poland. Heroes of Chronar is the sequel to a great game made even better.
To create a unique and up-to-date product, you need three things – mighty heroes, spectacular battles, and tokens. This time, we decided to use blockchain to enhance the ownership and in-game influence of players through tokenization. Through special mechanics, the game will allow its players to benefit from their actions through gaining other players and keeping them in the game.

What is Heros of Chronar exactly?

Heroes of Chronar is a mobile and Web3 match-3 game for those who love competition. It is the land of the brave and free-spirited, of those who make their own decisions and are willing to take a risk to have it all!
This is a world where you can unleash your inner warrior by taking part in epic PvP and PvE battles, assembling teams of the strongest heroes, and summoning ferocious dragons.
Based on Gemstone Legends, a game whose numerous game modes are a sign of enormous immersion and player engagement, Heroes of Chronar is destined for success.

Our mission as proud Chronarians is:

To provide players, above all, with good gameplay and fun!
We want our users to retain the right to the resources they have and grant the possibility to earn with us by engaging in the growth of the community of players, in their training and in community management. Community — that is the main reason and audience we create this and other games for.