Heroes of Chronar

About Stribog Games

Stribog Games is a Polish game development studio specializing in the production of RPG and match-3 game titles that stand out for their unique mechanics and style. The Stribog Games company is a part of the GameDesire capital group, which has been present on the market for almost 20 years.
The heart and core of Stribog Games is its people. For them, there are no more secrets left in the world of gamedev – all codes have been cracked, and achievements added to the list. The people of Stribog are not only passionate enthusiasts full of the energy and fuel to develop high-quality products, but also a loyal community of like-minded people who create an inspiring atmosphere around them. We believe that there are no limits to creativity. No team is too small or too big when it comes to developing legendary products. Our employees work in cozy, self-organized teams under the leadership of the most experienced specialists.
Our main game title is Gemstone Legends. It’s an addictive match-3 game full of gems and dragons! The game has been present on the market since 2020 and has surrounded itself with a loyal community of like-minded fantasy lovers just like us. As our firstborn now stands strong on its own two feet, we are willing to challenge ourselves and take a step toward new horizons.