Heroes of Chronar

What makes us different?

Enjoy and earn


While there have been far too many one-track games with the same “play to earn” model solely designed to siphon coins from players’ wallets, the world of blockchain gaming lacked the fun part of gaming.
That’s why we couldn’t help but introduce a new model of blockchain game mechanics that not only manages the cost aspect, but also implements the engagement and entertainment part while providing a well-balanced and articulated economic system. The kind of economy which will allow those who want to earn money, and those who came here for gameplay — to enjoy a fascinating storyline and just have fun.
In Heroes of Chronar P2E (Play to earn) turns to F2E — Fun to earn!
Having a decent experience in balancing the game economy in our previous project, Gemstone Legends, which we transferred to Heroes of Chronar, we were able to come up with fresh mechanics to balance the tokenomics and stabilize the exchange rate inside the game.
Find out more about the cycle of fun and earnings of HoCh on our FUN TO EARN section.

Mobile first

Heroes of Chronar is a mobile-first game. About 80% of blockchain players use mobile devices to play daily. To meet their needs, we will first make our game available on IOS and Android platforms.
The game control center will be centered on our website where you can open your wallet, buy some $HOC and NFT currency, and stay tuned with the latest news in the world of Heroes.
To play the game itself, you will need to launch the mobile app on your mobile device. We will also be introducing a desktop version of the game for Apple M1 computers and Windows 11 PCs later on.

Akua: epic game growth economy

To make the complex and well-balanced blockchain economy of Heroes of Chronar even more exciting, we have come up with a new fungible affiliate mechanics associated with a multipurpose token we have named Akua. This solution solves the growing problem in modern crypto games.
In a nutshell, Akua is a model in which each player is represented by a special token, which allows players and investors to be rewarded for all types of marketing activity in the game. You can find out more about this new feature in NFT Akua section.

Terminum: new kind of ownership

Apart from possessing unique non-fungible items and characters in Heroes of Chronar you can become a land owner with the help of a special land lease token Terminum.
This token allows you to organize individual battles for players on given hexes of the entire HoCh kingdom. Recruit opponents, fund prizes, and collect entry fees, all with a single Terminum token. This mechanic allows you to own part of the game's economy in the form of land ownership.
And, of course, all this is framed by exciting and addictive gameplay!
You can find out more about this new feature in NFT Terminum section.