Heroes of Chronar

Game Story


Region 1 – The beginning of the adventure. You tame the first dragon, assemble your party, and find the prophet at the end of the region. The prophecy about the Dragon Rider who would stop the space-time conjunction is starting to be fulfilled.
Region 2 – The heroes encounter a besieged castle, and we meet the King. He asks the heroes to take a message to the people of the desert and forest saying that the kingdom needs their help and asks for their support.
Region 3 – The heroes find out that the plague is also spreading to the desert regions. They have to wade through a desert full of interdimensional monsters to get to the capital on the other side.
Region 4 – Upon the arrival to the capital, it turns out that the people of the desert are coping with the plague quite well. They have built an arena where warriors can test their abilities fighting visitors from other dimensions (this is where we introduce PvP). We deliver a message from the King to the leader of the desert people. He agrees to help us if we defeat the monster he captured in the Arena.
Region 5 – The party reaches the edge of the desert. This region is inhabited by dwarves working in the mines. They inform us that the source of the plague seems to come from far away – a place beyond the icy wasteland. While traveling toward the tundra, some of them apparently learned that the cause of the catastrophe could be mages experimenting with the magic of life.
Region 6 – The heroes reach the forest lands. They must wade through the wilderness to get to the heart of this region – the capital of the forest people. At the edge of the region, a forest dragon stands in their way.
Region 7 - The heroes reach the leader of the forest people, an elf with magical eyesight that can see hundreds of miles away. They learn from her that the mages disrupted the matter of space-time, and thus, a plague of visitors from other dimensions spilled over the land. They are to be led by the dark rider.
Region 8 – The heroes approach the tundra. According to the word of mouth of the forest people, the cause of the whole catastrophe can be found there. At the edge of the land is a cave inhabited by a witch. She is not very sympathetic to foreigners, but when we manage to defeat her ghosts in battle, she considers us worthy of receiving the mysterious Dragon Bracelet. She also explains that we can use it to communicate with dragons, but only those of a higher race.
Region 9 – The team enters the icy lands. The inhabitants of the land rarely venture here. On the isthmus leading to further wastelands, the heroes encounter a greater ice dragon. After defeating him in battle, the dragon speaks to the rider. He reveals that other dragons are ready to help the chosen one avert the disaster and adds that they have always protected the land from gaps in space-time. Unfortunately, these lands have never experienced such a conjunction.
Region 10 – After a long journey through the icy waters, the heroes reach a place where the icy land turns into a wilderness stretching as far as the horizon. The passages to the dark lands are protected by the Nords. They refuse to let the team pass for their own safety. The heroes are forced to fight for the right to pass.
Region 11 – The dark territories turn out to be more infected than the rest of the realm. It also seems that many of the inhabitants of the zone, who were brought up in the dark, do not like visitors from outside. The team comes across a collapsing tower where the mage lives. It turns out to be one of the culprits of the whole disaster. He does not want to let the heroes go further, as he believes the arrival of the dark rider proves that the immortality promised to the allied mages is within reach. After defeating him, we learn that the dark rider is at the top of the mountain with the largest of the portals, but reaching him will not be easy.
Region 12 – At the outset, we are forced to face another mage. More and more powerful monsters stand in our way. At the top, the final clash with the dark rider awaits us. After defeating him, we close the main portal, but the lands are still infected. Our task will be to protect these lands and drive away newcomers from other realities. We start the "hard" mode.